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Achieve your health goals with Florish

Through my own experience, I eventually learned the key to a healthier lifestyle – it all lies in our mindset. Over a decade I tried every possible diet and all sorts of exercise until I finally found the key to sustained weight loss – and I want to share my knowledge and experience in the support that I offer as a holistic personal trainer.

With my approach, we start by creating small changes, and as you start to see the benefits to your wellbeing, you will continue to develop habits that will lead you to achieve way beyond your expectations (not just physically!).
Unlike traditional personal trainers, I will not put any undue pressure or unrealistic expectations on you. You have your own journey, and your own goals, and my role is to enable you and empower you to achieve your potential.

By being in the driving seat your motivation will grow in line with your achievements. We all have busy lives, unexpected situations – what is important is finding what approach works best for you. 

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