Wild Workouts - Build your strength outdoors

For me, and for many others, nature is a healer. There is something about being outdoors that brings peace, stillness and a time to reflect. That's why I love to exercise outside, and Wild Workout sessions are designed to help grow strength - both physically and mentally.
Working out in the gym has many benefits, but I found a way to bring those benefits outside through Wild Workout sessions. If you are looking for a military type, intense and hardcore workout then these sessions are not for you. Rather, during our sessions we focus on building strength, with a positive mindset being key to success.

Saturday mornings 8:30am-9:15am
First session free, £8 per session thereafter
Hartland Country Park, Fleet

Wild Workouts Client Testimonials

"Love the setting. The timings work well. The routines are varied and fun and the group is warm and friendly. Really value Flo's passion for weights and women focusing on muscle strength."

"Delighted to have found these sessions. I always feel in a high afterwards and motivated to eat better."

"Warm welcome, fresh air, lots of encouragement to push yourself, structured plan, clear explanations, friendly group and especially lovely instructor"

Personal Training in your home
Finding the time and confidence to go to the gym can be difficult. I have developed specific training sessions that enable you to get stronger in the comfort of your own home. After a free initial consultation, we will work together to find a package of exercise that fits your lifestyle.

Weight Loss Coaching - Individualised packages based on your needs.
Following my own ten-year battle to lose weight, I understand the frustration, desperation and turmoil of feeling like nothing works when trying to lose body fat. I tried every diet and exercise regime, until I realised that the only way to get the body that I wanted was to change my mindset. A new mindset gave me so much more than the body - it gave me the permission to be me. I want to share what I have learned with you, and support you on your own journey to achieve your goals. This is about so much more than weight loss - it's a whole new path.

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